Growth And The Journey

We are constantly growing as children who have been reunited with our Maker. The Lord lets us know through various Scriptures that there will be many things that try to steal our focus from Him.

Jobs, families, news, media and all those things can be a distraction in themselves. Add the contributors of negativity and unbelief, and we have quite a bit on our plate from the very moment of reconciliation.

Our journeys may be so difficult that we end up with no supporters, no financial stability and no one who will “give us a chance” in terms of listening to what we have to say about our lives. At the end of the day, it has to boil down to carrying out God’s will.

Whenever we don’t know how to handle a specific situation, we can find the answer in His Word. He speaks to us in different ways. Maybe some people still get to communicate with Him the same way as Moses and the prophets of old did, but to us “spiritual babies,” He speaks through his Word.

If we pray before we read the Word, and ask Him for understanding, He takes us directly to the information that He wants us to see. We will know what to do from that point because His Spirit will guide us through the process. Not all processes are easy.

One of the most important things to remember about God is that He wants to be thanked and praised for everything (Psalm 150). Thanking Him even through painful times helps us to see those times as blessings.

When things hurt us, or we think we’re being rejected, we usually find that He leads us to something much better if we wait. We usually see why our original desire or request was.

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